Welcome Baby

Several months ago I had the opportunity to meet Sarah and Juliet, the founders of Welcome Baby, when they joined me as guests on my podcast, Message from Mom. I was excited to have the two moms and former journalists on the podcast because they share a similar passion for supporting women in the postpartum space. The knowledge they gleaned from their time as journalists and the struggles they each personally experienced within their own postpartum journeys, led these two incredible women to join forces to launch a nonprofit called Welcome Baby. 

In the United States, more than 1 in 6 children under the age of 6 live in poverty and nearly half of those children live in extreme poverty. Welcome Baby serves women and families living below the poverty line who struggle to afford the most basic essentials on an ongoing basis.

From my conversation with Sarah and Juliet, I fell in love with the mission behind Welcome Baby. They deliver necessities, not luxuries, to moms who truly cannot afford things that seem so simple to us, like diapers and wipes. Any new mom can attest to the fact that the first few weeks home with a newborn can be an emotionally and physically challenging time. But imagine taking on the care of your baby without any basic resources? Welcome Baby works directly with hospital social workers and trained community health workers to determine which women have the greatest need and they then distribute their highly curated Welcome Baby packages accordingly. Each Welcome Baby package was developed in consultation with hospitals, clinics, health care providers, and mothers, and contains everything a mother and her baby could possibly need during the first four weeks of baby’s life. 

At the moment there are no federal or state subsidies that help with things like diapers or wipes. We want to ignite a much stronger conversation about why that is and how it can be fixed . We feel very passionately that this is a national conversation. We are not going to stop until we see some actual real life changes occur.  – Sarah and Juliet on Message from Mom

Studies have shown that mothers who cannot provide for the basic needs of their newborns struggle with postpartum depression at a higher rate, experience high levels of stress, and lack competence. The Welcome Baby package directly addresses many of the critical needs of both baby and mother in these vulnerable postpartum weeks, a period often referred to as the fourth trimester.

Since it’s inception in 2018, Welcome Baby has been able to provide over 1500 packages to low income mothers in the United States through their network of hospitals and healthcare providers. Imagine- that’s 1500 families are now being supported in a way they would otherwise never have been.

The month of August marks my company, Miracle Milkookies’, 4th anniversary as a company. I wanted to mark these 4 years by giving back to mamas in a way we hadn’t before. I kept going back to my conversation with Sarah and Juliet and their mission to support mamas in the 4th trimester. It only seemed fitting to reach out and ask Welcome Baby if we could partner together this August, which also happens to be World Breastfeeding Month, to give 10% of the profits from our sales back to Welcome Baby. In addition to giving back to Welcome Baby this month, it’s our goal to continue to raise awareness about the mission of this incredible organization. So from now until August 31st, 10% of profits from every sale we make on our website,, will go back to support the mission of Welcome Baby. 

Join us as we partner with Welcome Baby to help support mothers and babies in the 4th trimester. This is still just the beginning, but little by little change is happening.

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