A Quick 4 Step Skincare Routine For Pregnancy & Postpartum

Every week, we are now hosting Self-Care Sundays on Instagram Live @miraclemilkookies with Lindsay Freedman, a veteran skincare expert, mother of four, and founder of Storied Beauty. Throughout pregnancy and postpartum, the massive shift in hormones, lack of sleep, physical changes, etc., play a huge role in how we look and feel. We thought it was important to shed light on these changes, so we invited Lindsay to join us weekly to give our self-care routines a little boost!

In our latest Instagram Live, Lindsay shares a simple 4 step skincare routine, with useful tips for us all as we enter the dry, cold, winter months ahead!



"This is the most important step in my mind. A cleanse can accomplish so many things. This time of year, don't put anything on your skin that's stripping the natural oils. Get rid of foaming cleansers. Don't use anything that's going to dry skin out. Look for cleansers that are really hydrating, soft, creamy or milky." Recommended cleanser: Geothermal Clay Cleanser


"If you're going to tone, make sure you do it on fresh clean skin. Historically, you used a toner to balance the PH level of your skin. Todays toners are made to hydrate and exfoliate your skin. Should everyone tone? That's up to you and what you decide for your skin and what you have time for. If you're acne prone, you should absolutely tone your skin." Recommended toners: Exquisite Hydrating Toner, DEW PH Perfector, Elixir Exfoliant
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"Whether you are treating fine lines, pigmentation, blemishes, or redness, you are going to want to invest in a serum to treat these specific skin issues. You don't need 5 serums, but when and if you do layer serums, always remember to go thinnest (think: water based) to thickest." Recommended serum: The Hydrator (HA serum)


"Your moisturizer is going to seal everything in. Some people like to add in oils, which are fantastic for winter, because they are going to bring in more moisture and lock everything in. You can just drop a couple of drops of oil into your cream 2-3 nights a week. In the morning, your skin will feel softer and plumper and dewier. You'll notice the difference." Recommended moisturizer: Environ Filler Creme
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